14 February 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

I absolutely love Valentine's Day!  That probably has more to do with my liking the heart motif and red being my favorite color than it does cupids and arrows, but Valentine's Day is a cause for celebration nonetheless!  And, having a daughter means I get to share my excitement about exchanging little valentines with her and her classmates at school.  So, what makes an appropriate Valentine's Day favor for the infant room at daycare? Boogie Wipes®!

There are lots of ages and stages in the infant room --my daughter's classmates range from 8 weeks to 10 months old.  But, pretty much every kiddo under the age of three has their fair share of runny noses.  It's like it goes with the territory or something.  This Valentine's Day I decided to put together age appropriate, cute, and fun favor bags --all for less than $2 each.  Here's how you can do it, too --for whatever holiday your daycare class is celebrating next!

Holiday Favor Bags for Infants

Drawstring Favor Bags (available from Hobby Lobby®)
Decorative Packing Shred *or* Tissue Paper Squares ( 3" x 3" )
Individually Wrapped Boogie Wipes®
Special Holiday Message, printed and cut from plain paper

Place a small amount of packing shred into the favor bag.  Then, add two individually wrapped Boogie Wipes®.  For variety, I included one grape scented and one fresh scented wipe in each of my favor bags. Next, add your special holiday message such as, "Roses are RED! Violets are BLUE! Here are two Boogie Wipes® just for YOU!"  Top it off with a little more packing shred.  Pull the drawstring on the favor bag and tie it tight.  Voila! Easy, but oh-so-cute!  If you decide to use tissue paper, then use two or three 3" x 3" squares on bottom and one square on top.  Use the tissue paper in the same way you would add tissue to a gift bag.

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