24 July 2010

Baby Booty Cleanser

After doing a little bit of online research about various natural ingredients used in home remedies for a plethora of skin conditions, I have devised a recipe for a natural baby booty cleanser.  With the assistance of reusable cloth baby wipes (I like FuzziBunz® Double-Sided Wonder Wipes), this compound is intended to be used in the place of disposable baby wipes!

60 mL Aloe Vera Juice
30 mL Jojoba Oil*
30 mL  Dr. Bronner's Baby Mild Liquid Soap
  5 mL Apple Cider Vinegar
2-4 drops Lavender Essential Oil
1-2 drops Tea Tree Oil
Distilled Water, QS to 8 ounces (approximately 115 mL)

Mix by gentle inversion.  Store in an airtight, light-resistant container.

*Either pure jojoba oil, or jojoba oil infused with calendula can be used

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